Dear readers,

Today is Brands&Films’ second birthday. It all started in the beginning of 2010 when I decided to start a blog. My friends encouraged me to do it and on 19th of February I published the first post The King of Drinks. And since then it’s been a fantastic ride.

For me the second year was really something. I gave an interview for the show You and Yours on BBC Radio 4 and was invited to Slovenian national TV (to participate in the show Firma TV). Brands&Films was included in a piece on product placement on ABC News and was presented in the most read Slovenian magazine Vikend as an interesting website to visit.

During those two years visitors from 191 countries came to my website and lately Brands&Films attracts more than 20,000 unique visitors per month.

Cake for Brands&Films' second birthday

A few weeks ago I renewed Brands&Films domain for another year. I think I still have some interesting thoughts to share and there are many things that can be better. I’ll probably change/improve my current webpage design and I’d like to have a proper logo.

I might try to do an infographic and I’ll probably do one Slideshare presentation. I might even do some sweepstakes or organize a contest. There is also one pretty ambitious (or even pretentious) thing that I’d like to do for quite some time: I’d like to make a list of movies or movie scenes that can be used when teaching a marketing course. Anyway, if you have any ideas regarding topics on Brands&Films, please let me know.

In the next few weeks I’ll finally publish a review of Stieg-Larsson-inspired Millennium Tour, a not-so-serious guide on how to direct a music video with as many placements as possible, I’ll do a review of 50 Cent’s foray into headphones business, analyze Volvo’s decision to attract younger buyers and much more. I’ll also publish some guest post about locations from James Bond movies. I hope some of these topics will be interesting for you, too.

Another cake for Brands&Films' second birthday

If you’re interested in movies, marketing, branding, product placement and branded entertainment you can also follow Brands&Films on Twitter or check B&F’s Facebook page and Google+ page. Sometimes you might find some additional content there ;)

I also have to mention Tomaž who’s responsible for blog’s design and technical support and Tadej for hosting. Thanks guys.

Finally I’d like to thank all of you for sticking with me, for all your comments and kind words.