Erik Renko

— Editor and owner

Hey, welcome to my blog.

I’m Erik Renko and I’m project manager at Postojna Cave, the world famous tourist attraction. The focus of my work is digital marketing. You can find more information about my work here.

My obsession with movies started around 1990’s when my parents bought VCR. It was a time of bad quality pirate video cassettes and limited access to information about movies, actors, directors … A few years later my new obsession began – marketing. I managed to combine those two obsessions in 2000 when I got my Bachelor’s degree with thesis on product placement in movies.

This blog is about product placement – in movies, on TV, in song lyrics … The goal is to give my opinion on good and bad examples, best or worst practices and at the same time have fun. I will also try to rediscover my lost love for movies – which basically means I will have to watch old movies for the second or third time. But that’s OK because now I’m on a mission. I’m a “brandspotter”.

I hope you’ll enjoy the content. If you’d like to get in touch or discuss anything, please email me to brandsandfilms (at)

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And BTW … my favorite movie is Die Hard.