New York based public radio WNYC’s Culture Web site has recently created a very interesting project. They wanted to do a map of all locations from AMC’s TV show Mad Men.

The map was created by Culture Web Site’s editor Abbie Fentress Swanson with the help of crowdsourcing: WNYC asked its listeners to help build the map of favorite city spots mentioned throughout the five seasons of the show.

In my opinion this was a brilliant idea. Check out the map below:

When I visited New York in January 2011 I tried to found Don Draper’s apartment from the season 4 at 104 Waverly Place. Curiously, the place didn’t exist. I’ve found numbers 106 and 102, but unfortunately no 104.

Don Draper non-existent home at 104 Waverly Pl.

I’ve also found location of Sterling Draper Cooper Pryce’s new office. It was located in the Time&Life building at 1271 6th Avenue.

Time&Life building in New York (photo by Erik R.)

Time&Life building in New York (photo by Erik R.)

One of the most iconic buildings in NYC is Tiffany’s, a luxury American multinational jewelry and silverware corporation, which became a household name after a 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Audrey Hepburn.

Tiffany was included in the tenth episode of the season 2 when Harry Crane gets a present from Tiffany’s from Jane and Roger during a baby shower at the office.

Here’s a photo from my trip to


Tiffany’s (photo by Erik R.)