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Another Threadless T-shirt in Modern Family

Another Threadless T-shirt in Modern Family

Are you familiar with the US brand Threadless? Threadless is a t-shirt company started out as a high school project in 2000. It’s basically an online community of artists and an e-commerce website based in Chicago, Illinois. For its operations it uses principles of crowdsourcing. Threadless designs are created by ... Read More »

Can this elephant T-shirt become a cult item?

The question above is rhetorical, I know. But one certain T-shirt has now appeared in one hit TV show and one fairly successful Hollywood movie. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Nerdy Elephant Tee. This is a T-shirt that appeared in the 9th episode of Modern Family’s third season. It was ... Read More »

It could be better: Oreo in Modern Family

Last week I read an article in AdAge about Oreo‘s collaboration with the producers of American sit com Modern Family. It says: The producers at ABC’s “Modern Family” have cooked up a product appearance for Kraft Foods’ popular Oreo cookie, and the results are expected to show up in Wednesday’s ... Read More »

Cooperation between Urban Outfitters and Modern Family

In the last episode of Modern Family the Dunphy family welcomed an interesting guest. Kenneth is Phil and Claire’s former neighbor, who lived next door some 10 years ago. Back then he was kind-of emulating Phil and Claire didn’t quite like him. When he came for a visit, he and ... Read More »