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My visit at Old Focals

Old Focals

Do you remember thick black glasses that the actor Colin Firth wore in movie A Single Man or the main character of TV series Mad Men Don Draper’s sunglasses that were later on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, worn by the actor Jon Hamm? If you are a regular ... Read More »

The most memorable product placements of 2013

Hershey's in Mad Men

What was the most memorable product placement of 2013? Something from Iron Man 3 or Man of Steel, this year’s box-office winners? Something from The Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, Modern Family, Mad Men … or some other TV show? Here are some thoughts from product placement specialists. And at ... Read More »

We have found Don Draper’s childhood home

Mad Men 1355 Carroll Ave

During my recent trip to Los Angeles and San Francisco we’ve made a stop in several beautiful areas of Los Angeles. One of them is called Angelino Heights, a small quarter within the Echo Park. It is most notable for its Victorian era residences. The reason we stopped there was ... Read More »

Hershey’s in Mad Men: The currency of affection

Hersheys in Mad Men

There was an interesting product placement in Mad Men’s season 6 finale. It involved Hershey’s, the largest chocolate manufacturer in North America. Hershey’s is one of the oldest chocolate companies in the United States, and an American icon for its chocolate bar. Hershey’s had a very interesting and important role ... Read More »

Lovely Megan

Brands&Films has been covering Mad Men very closely, mainly from the product placement point of view. But the series isn’t interesting just from that aspect, but also as a character study, relationship analysis, use of real events in the storyline … Even more; Mad Men has produced some memorable episodes ... Read More »