• Gone Girl in Scandal

    Gone Girl in Scandal

    The third season of Scandal ended with Olivia Pope on the plane heading into the unknown. So where d...

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Visiting movie locations: the abandoned hotel Belvedere in Dubrovnik

Game Of Thrones

I was casually browsing through the photo album on my iPhone, checking photos of this forgotten place, when I saw her running towards me. She wasn’t that far away, but I thought she looked a bit frightened. I was puzzled, but suddenly she yelled »Let’s go. Let’s go!« I didn’t know ... Read More »

BMW and Ivan Locke: a perfect combination?


If your movie is set in just one place and if that place is a car, it’s extremely important that the director, screenwriter and the producer choose the right car for the main protagonist. Ivan Locke, the main character in the movie Locke, that was set in a car, is ... Read More »

Why performance marketing can’t build brands, but product placement can


A few days ago, I stumbled over an article at Forbes.com, called “Display Ads As Compelling As TV Spots”. It’s an interview with Google VP Neal Mohan about AdWords, display ads and brands on the internet. Mr. Mohan explains all the benefits, a company can get from Google’s ad technology. ... Read More »