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Supercut: Brands And The City

Manolo Blahnik in Sex and the City

I did this project because I’ve always found funny to stack-up things. I first started to make small paintings, writing all the brands in a given issue of Vogue. However, those were not very meaningful. When I first watched Sex and the City a couple of months ago, it seemed ... Read More »

Louis Vuitton again at the World Cup

Louis Vuitton at the 2014 World Cup

Gisele Bundchen on the field at the World Cup in Brazil? Why not? Let’s get back to 2010 for a while. Four years ago Louis Vuitton made a special travel case for storing the World Cup trophy. I wrote about it in an article Louis Vuitton at the World Cup. ... Read More »

Beats, Pills N Potions

Beats Pill XL

Nicki Minaj’s latest video Pills N Potions is a simple one. Nicki was filmed in various poses and wearing various outfits. There was also rapper the Game, Nicki’s onscreen love interest. To be honest, nothing really happens in the video. Nicki and the Game look good, the song is a ... Read More »