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Product placement prostitution: Transformers Age of Extinction

Transformers 4

Transformers is Michael Bay’s hugely successful movie franchise that now consists of four movies, released in the span of seven years. One of the main characteristics of the franchise is blatant and in-your-face product placement. I’ve only seen the first Transformers movie and described some of its product placement in the ... Read More »

Product placement in pictures: Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit

Ducati in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Jack Ryan could be described as an American version of James Bond: a fictional character by Tom Clancy who is a CIA agent and appears in many of his novels and their respective movie adaptations. Five movies based on Clancy novels featuring Jack Ryan have been produced so far. In ... Read More »

Product placement in pictures: Gone Girl

Gone Girl

Gone Girl was one of the most anticipated movies of 2014. It’s based on the best-selling novel by Gillian Flynn, directed by David Fincher and starring Ben Affleck (Nick Dunne) and Rosamund Pike (Amy Dunne). I loved the book and really liked the movie. There’s a fair share of product ... Read More »